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Websites, e-commerce, banners, e-campaigns, social media ...

Communication is moved to the polygon of electronic media.

It is important to specify as early as in the planning phase which contents will go to individual online channels. The most important digital communications channel is no doubt a website. We evaluate an already existing website and, if required, make a proposal for its redesign or create a completely new website. According to the sales strategy, the website can be upgraded to an online store.


Development, concept, design & execution | Activities, campaigns, events, new products and markets, digital strategies ...

Individual ideas are merged into a whole.

To us a comprehensive solution means that we are by your side from the very conception of your corporate identity to its implementation to the market. This includes the development, design and implementation of the plan of communication with potential buyers.


Logo, slogan, communication strategies, design of applications, corporate identity manual ...

Early on in your career we help you develop and build your own identity and communication strategy.

First and foremost, this means creating your corporate identity and then developing individual applications. Finally, everything is presented in the form of a corporate identity manual. You can however only decide to refresh your image, consciously keeping the most recognizable elements.


Web banners, advertisements, outdoor advertising, direct mail, POS materials ...

Our reputation stirs your imagination.

Advertising as one of market communication segments – includes printed and electronic advertisements. We help you create an add that will be efficient and aligned with the company identity. Also, the ad must comply with the medium used to communicate with buyers (printed advertisement, advertisement on outdoor billboards, web banner…).


For food, textile industry, pharmaceutics and cosmetics, events, games ...

Because the first impression matters.

The packaging is becoming and remaining extremely important, because it enables customers to make the first physical contact with the product/service. The packaging delivers additional information and even helps a buyer decide on whether to buy a product or not. Using our own experiences in the development of packaging we help you develop the kind of packaging that will be different, easy on the eye and a match to the environmental standards.


Technical, promotional, scientific ...

We help you introduce your programme to a wide range of potential buyers.

The extended sales and demonstration programme of a company is usually demonstrated in catalogues and brochures. We start at the beginning and make sure it complies with the company’s corporate visual identity already in the concept and design phase. On the basis of the content of the product mix and sales volume, we define an appropriate format, suitable material, possible improvements and binding.


Manuals, novels, textbooks, annual reports, monographs, cookbooks ...

Make your word last longer.

Some of the most challenging forms of printed materials are monographs, manuals, annual reports and other books. Appropriate formats, material and appropriate protection are specified according to the content and application. Such printed items must also have an appropriate service life.


Market research, copywriting, design of advertisement / sales letter ...

Communicating, transferring messages and stories to target groups.

Using all tools provided by direct marketing we help you identify habits, needs and wishes of your existing clients, which enables maintaining contact with them.

It begins with market research, target copywriting, which is followed by creation of advertisement/sales letter, printed or as email, and continues with design and execution – ultimately followed by measurement of efficiency.


For food, textile and chemical industry, pharmacy ...

We make sure your products are pleasing to the eye and conspicuous.

Label must match the corporate identity, but it must also comply with all laws and marketing rules – it must be efficient and of high quality. We help you choose and develop the kind that will respond to your needs considering that technical characteristics of labels are very different (glue, material, shape, placement …).


Unique gifts, planners, calendars, bags, packaging …

Business gifts can show your creative and unique side.

We help you create a personalised or perfectly tailored product or service for your clients. We could step away from classic business gifts and offer something that can bring a smile to the face of a client or business partner.


Periodicals, scientific publications ...

Write the story of your success with us.

For media, such as newspapers, magazines and newsletters, we write stories, design, create, add page breaks, and deliver the final production in online and/or printed form.


Your opinion means a lot to us.

Grafex, agency and printing house, has supported us with comprehensive solutions from design to print since 1983. We appreciate their reliability, quality and a friendly and courteous approach at all times.

Tomaž Berginc

general manager, ETI d.o.o.

We have been cooperating with the company Grafex since 1995. We appreciate their tradition, professionalism and propriety. They provide a comprehensive service from design to print.

Tomaž Smrkolj

manager, Strip’s d.o.o.

Grafex has supported us in the beginning of our journey in 2013, when we were still a start-up company and they were one of the few who believed in us. They saved us many times and shortened the delivery period so that our customers received products within the agreed period. Thank you Grafex and we are moving forward.

Primož Zelenšek

manager, Chipolo

Graphic company Grafex is distinguished by highly professional staff and detailed execution of services.

Petra Škofic

public relations, Puppet theater Ljubljana

Grafex has been surprising us with quality services for a long time. You can see they are highly skilled in what they do and they seem to be having fun, too, even under tight time constraints.

Marko Planinc

manager, Zavod Savus

We have been cooperating with the company Grafex for a number of years and we have always been satisfied with their services. In the course of a year, we have different needs and we need different kinds of printed matter so we appreciate that they can provides us with comprehensive solutions. What matters most to us is that they honour our agreements.

Nina Ukmar

manager, Kosovelov dom Sežana